Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Photo Challenge: Aaahhhhhhh

Hey there, remember that Ahhhhh Photo Challenge? Well here we are with the post! Don't forget to click the photographers' names to see the rest of their work. You may also see comments about the photos when you click through so if you're wondering what a photo is or how it was taken one click may reveal all. The new challenge info is right down at the bottom of this post. You know, after all the cool pictures.

I cannot express enough how much I enjoy getting the submissions for these challenges. If, for some crazy reason, you ever want to make my day just toss a photo into that Flickr pool. I swear to you I check it every day and I get a little jolt of the happy every time there's something new there to look at.

To entice more jolts out of you I give you the next challenge. It's PERFECT. Please don't turn that into something to make your life difficult. The photo doesn't have to be perfect. Is that even possible? Take it any way you like. A photo of something or someone you think is perfect or perfect for you? You can go sarcastic with it. Are you trying to perfect anything? Just roll with it, there is no wrong answer.

Please tag photos with PhotoChallenge and PERFECT when you add them to our Flickr Pool. Submissions for this one close at 9am on Tuesday October 12 for posting on Wednesday October 13.

Thank you again for supporting these challenges, they are dear to my heart.

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