Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Photo Challenge: Free Skate!

I loved doing the free skate photo challenge. Not too many entries but some quality, to be sure. Please click through on the photographers' names to see their photo streams.

Sooooooo, let's seeeeee, what shall the next challenge be? I solicited suggestions via Twitter and Facebook and finally decided on Ahhhh (thanks Grammar Snob!). Now that could be Ahhhh, or Ahhhh? or Ahhhh! or even AHHHH, it's up to you. Please submit photos to our Flickr Pool by 9am Tuesday September 28 for posting on Wednesday September 29th.


  1. SOMEONE NEEDS TO TELL ME WHEN I CLICK ON A SITE THAT I"MA SEE MY BAGLE BOYFRIEND!!!!. sheesh. I almost fell off my couch and had a stroke and peed myself.

    help a girl out, yo!

    isn't he dreamy?

  2. i'm with Misti...he's pretty.