Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Photo Challenge: SURPRISE!

Apparently most of you live very staid lives. Very few surprises at all. The fortunate few, though, with strong hearts and an endless supply of clean underwear contributed some shots to the SURPRISE photo challenge. Click through on the names to see the photographer's photostream. Info on the next challenge is at the end of the post.

Everyone's starting new school years, new jobs, new projects right now. So I think we'll call this next challenge a free skate, if you will. I don't care what your photos are of, or what they're saying just as long as you enter. Please add photos (as many as you like!) to the  Flickr Pool by 9am Tuesday September 14th, tagged with "PhotoChallenge"  (and enable downloading of your photos for Tuesday and Wednesday) and the post will go up on Wednesday September 15th. I am a zombie for photos. I don't want braaaaaaaiiiiins, I want piiiiiiiiiictuuuuuuuuuuures. Please.


  1. oh, that gives me some great ideas :-) Getting to work on one RIGHT NOW!

  2. You are a shining example! I haven't even begun to think right now. It's a nice excuse for me to spend time processing some new yet neglected photos this weekend.