Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Think. Breathe. Speak.

I almost forgot it was Tuesday! One of the nice things about having a structure in place is that sometimes, when you're having trouble getting your ducks in a row the structure will herd them for you.

Many of you know that I make a point of not writing online on September 11. I usually post some photos of the day later and I read the internet, sure, but I don't write. It's a thing. Not a right thing or a wrong one, just a thing. So this Saturday I'm making some plans to walk with a friend and my dog and I'm thinking about drinking a few decadent things. The common thread will be having my feet firmly planted in blessed New York city.

Of course this year we've got a lot more voices chiming in around 9/11 and the big hole in the ground and what they think needs to be done with it. My fury about this has been relatively simple, most of the voices I've heard ring in with certainty have been people who do not now nor ever have lived in New York City. I'm not going to say that those people should shut up because that wouldn't be right, honestly it wouldn't. I am however going to use my 10 Things Tuesday to suggest a few things that I wish you all would do, no matter where you live and what you think.

1. Do something kind for someone close to you. Something truly, plainly kind. Not something you think is good for them, something that will make them happy.

2. Do something kind for yourself. The same rules apply.

3. Consider sending peaceful photos via Twitter following these guidelines to combat the intolerance and hate being spread by a Gainesville church planning to burn copies of the Qur'an on Saturday.

4. Donate money, time or talent to a cause you hold dear to your heart. Consider whether or not that cause is a peaceful and constructive one.

5. Reflect on what you, personally, have accomplished in the last 9 years.

6. Think before you speak (or write or tweet or hit post or reply). Then think again.

7. Celebrate and enjoy a moment of silence, one not dictated by anyone or anything else. Let your mind be free.

8. Read all or a portion of our country's founding documentation. We are so lucky that it's easily accessible via the internet.

9. Think about what you would like to do with your life. Consider what things you'd be sad to have missed if you are on the plane, in the building, on the sidewalk that goes next. Take one step toward making sure you don't leave with that regret.

10. Listen, really listen, to someone else. Bonus points if it's someone you don't think you want to hear.

*Photos are of my friends; all walking, talking, opinionated people who were either not born or not fully conscious on September 11, 2001. I don't want to feel I have to apologize to them for what they will inherit but I fear that will be the case. If nothing else I hope they know how fiercely they are loved and how hard we tried.


  1. One girl at the bakery said of the people ordering cakes and cookies on 9/11..."Don't they know what that day is? They should not do that."
    I think that more than ever on that day we should have more cakes and cookies... not in celebration but as a tribute that life... should and does go on. With love and quiet remembrance.
    As a fellow American and a resident of another survival city... Oklahoma City... I hope they can do something soon to make that place one of dignity for the New Yorkers who continue to live there and the ones that once did.
    Our place... is just fine. I've been to the site... memorial many times and I am proud of the way we've chosen to honor our lost ones. And I think it really has helped our fair city heal for it to be done.

  2. Anonymous11:11 PM

    How do I post a comment? I keep getting blown out of the cosmos. I am not ananymous, I don't have ablog.

    Buy yourself some flowers is what came at the end of a considerd answer.

  3. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Really, Kiddo, buy yourself and a few other people you know some flowers.

  4. Good list - especially #3.

  5. The Oklahoma AIDS Walk is on the 19th. All the proceeds from my Monday night yoga class goes to this charity. It's what I do.