Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Photo Challenge: Perfect

I don't want to pressure you but I feel compelled to point out that you're missing out if you don't click through to the photographer's stream. Sometimes you can't possibly know why the photo fits the theme until you read the caption. This time around especially. As per usual (as my beloved Pacey Witter would say) I love them all.

Anyway, results of the PERFECT photo challenge are here!

The next challenge is, predictably, BOO! Doesn't have to be Halloween related. Feel free to bend the prompt to your will.

Please submit* your selections to the Flickr pool by Tuesday 10/26 at 9am for posting on Wednesday 10/27. I'm looking forward, as always, to your creativity.

*Lisa, I put a tutorial for adding to the pool in the comments of one of your photos and forgot to tell you about it. Sorry for the information delay!


  1. ooh, i like this topic. :)

  2. Boo. Yeah, could also be a sad thing.

  3. Dang it! Missed this one...but I got a good one for BOO!