Sunday, October 24, 2010

What I've Been Doing The Past Few Days

Processing photos of recent adventures.

Laughing at and with Craig Ferguson.

Eating brunch.

What have you been up to?


  1. lshykula7:25 PM

    Prepping my little Dr. Horrible for Halloween.

    Can we hope for a blog about @CraigyFerg?

  2. Picking apples, getting ready to make applesauce with said apples (70 lbs worth of apples!), and preparing to humiliate my dog for Halloween.

  3. Taking three small boys to the circus. Being depressed because it's that time of year. Running through the moonset and sunrise this morning and being cheered up despite the pain of it. Visiting the Flea and getting some good books. Hanging with a friend at the park, who I haven't seen in months, and being reminded of how much I like her. Eating fruit. Getting scared by Marathon Route banners.

  4. Lisa, I'm afraid to blog about him, he's so mean about bloggers. But I'm sure I'll write something.

    Marian, in the pics on FB I hadn't seen the sleeves. SLEEVES! Wow. Poor, patient dog.

    Bethany, I keep wanting to ask what your projected mileage is for the first half so I can make sure to keep my eye out for you. But I don't want to add to the scared. Let me know when it's OK to ask, OK?

  5. Went to Screeeeemfest and was properly scared. Finally met Dave's youngest son (28). Did you see John Malkovich and Philip Seymour Hoffman on Craig recently? LMAO!

  6. I did and they were fantastic.

  7. That dang dog is so cute!