Friday, November 05, 2010


It used to be that nearly every Friday night Pony Express and I would convene at my house for Chinese Food, mimosas and bad TV. We'd use the evening dog walk to go to the good Chinese food place that doesn't deliver, hit the liquor store and the deli on the way home then burrow down. The advent of her new job and my new eating habits curtailed our decadence. We go back to it every once in a while but, I have to tell you, we are sorely out of practice.

Tonight it was mimosas, Indian food, mini cannoli, Grey's Anatomy and The Good Guys.

It's possible we'll never rise from the couches again. We're blaming it on the chicken korma. That may or may not be fair. The thing is that one cannoli wasn't quite enough but, it's become clear, two was too much.


What's your favorite Friday night?


  1. I'm just glad to hear someone else is watching The Good Guys. We can weep together when it gets cancelled! I'll order the Dragon & Phoenix, plus whatever you would normally get.

  2. I had 17 middle schoolers over for pancakes and cupcakes. They watched Juno with rapt attention, but sadly, when I put in the All-Nighter episode of Dawson's Creek they lost interest. They were able to recognize Joey as Tom Cruise's wife though. My, times have changed.

  3. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Indian food always makes me feel awful. Perhaps because I order all the coconut milk dishes. But I love it.

    We played Pictionary with my oldests last night and had lots of fun. Then hunkered down with Friday Night Lights, which I just discovered. Husband obligingly made me several margs over the course of the evening. I think I'd be happy with many Fridays like that.