Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The First Stage

My internet friends are, for the most part, being so stoic and positive about the whole election debacle. The ones who don't consider it a debacle are...curiously silent on the subject as they have been before the election. I, myself, have not yet cleared the anger portion of the proceedings. I am on the verge of political Tourrette's (You want government out of your gun cabinet but you're fine with having them solidly up my cunt? FUCK YOU!) and feel it would be unwise at this juncture to subject anyone to my disjointed (Nearly 40% of NYS voters chose Palladino. Have you lost your fucking minds? Racist, stupid pig fuck is the right way to go? Did you also vote in AZ where McCain won?) spewing. I'll get it together to be able participate in constructive conversations promoting improvement (Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! Like we're going to get any of those.) in a little while. I'll stop talking now. I'll go out and walk around the block (I'll use the time to consider my get rich quick scheme. It's investing in Kleenex because Glenn Beck's tears of joy are going to copious and messy.) and get hold of myself.

In the mean time, look at some pretty pictures.

Please ignore the extra chin I brought for this photo shoot (by Kath).

The chin cannot be blamed on these delicious cakes from this set and made by this bakery for this woman's wedding. I was very dainty in my tasting.

The children are our future. Don't fuck things up for this girl or I will have to kill you.


  1. Anonymous11:31 AM

    You're right--Paladino getting anywhere near 40% of the vote in New York is frightening.

  2. You should just eat more cupcakes. I listened to Rand Paul's acceptance speech last night and had to eat a tub of ice cream to cool off.

  3. What did you do that for? No wonder Hagen Daaz backs the GOP!

  4. love the pic of your baby jumping!

  5. I need cupcakes; I'm no where NEAR okay about this, but haven't yet found the words to express it yet (thanks for the gun/cunt line; that's it exactly...)

  6. arrrgghh.

    More cupcakes please!

  7. I kind of feel lost. I'm a blue girl in the reddest of the red states. We passed a law making English our first language. That means we can no longer say "y'all", "where you at", "Gitter done", "reckin'", or so many others. "Where you at?" has always been a favorite.

    Also, my word verification was "karmo" which we all know is hick for karma.