Sunday, November 21, 2010

I've finally caught up with all the photos except for two specific shoots. One is the photo shoot I did for Mimi's Breastival and the other is the set from Misti's recent visit.

While I process the ones celebrating Misti I'll, of course, be thinking about what to write about the weekend. What can I write, though, really? How do you explain the part where you sit in silence with someone and that's proof of the depth of your friendship? You don't.

This photo, the first one I took, was on the second day of the visit. She wasn't feeling well when she arrived. The next morning I had a doozy of a migraine. We pried ourselves from the house and met Chrome for lunch then off to do some shopping. I took this picture when we stopped in a book store/cafe and had some dessert. Misti had commandeered my Blackberry to set up Blackberry Instant Messaging for me. She'd asked me to do it months ago and I was too phobic to try to work it out. So she did it for me. Now we can IM for free and without character limits. (Really, who could limit our character?) I can't believe we did without it for so long and all because I was a wuss.

She didn't mind, though, and she was happy to set it up for me. 'Cause, like sitting in full, happy silence, that's friendship. Thank the world for that.


  1. i love im'ing. seriously.
    and I love sitting in silence.

  2. At first I thought Misti's texting habit had just gotten seriously out of control.

  3. I adore happy silence!