Saturday, November 20, 2010

Not An Option

Bailing on NaBloPoMo due to lack of inspiration is simply not an option. I've been running errands (thanks Kath!) and cleaning and sending out invitations all day long. Of course I've been up just over 12 hours but still, I've worked. Doesn't make for titillating internet conversation, though. Let me just toss out a few bits and pieces.

For authenticity I'd like you to imagine as you read that you've placed a metal pet food bowl below a ceramic bowl in your dishwasher and they're clanging together rhythmically for about an hour.

The surest way to tire out this little dog of mine is to take him somewhere he's never been. We were out for about an hour and a half this morning walking in the neighborhood. For his afternoon outing he was actually walking for very little of it but he rode in the car with Kath and me for another hour and a half while we stocked up on pet items and vegetables. He got just slightly uppity when we came inside and again when he was hungry. Aside from that he's been sacked out in a chair all evening.

I am suddenly in search of a partner for my Thanksgiving food delivering. My usual partner got dealt a crappy card at her job and won't be able to deliver before she has to report for duty. Which means I need a partner because I can't deliver on my own and God's Love doesn't provide partners. Anyone want to join me on Thursday at 9:30am for about 3 hours of low impact, high fun service to the human race?

I'm in the middle of planning a pretty huge binge of food making. Can you guess what there is to eat in my house right now? Yupper. Eating Jr. Mints, hummus and yogurt.

Peter MacNicol is on Grey's Anatomy. I love him. I love having him back on my TV. Welcome back, sir!

Hey, you know, I could have just asked a question for this entry and left it at that. What are you up to for Thanksgiving? (Or Thursday if you're in another country.)


  1. I'm NaBloPoMoing, too, and it is hard to come up with interesting stuff. You're doing pretty good compared to me.

    For Thanksgiving we're flying impulsively off to Seattle to dine with friends.

    We received the invitation just a little while ago, and made a snap decision.

    So I won't be cooking at all, since we're actually flying on Thanksgiving Day and getting in just before dinner.

    Have a good time, Kizz. If I were there I'd offer to be your partner!

  2. I'm going to Pittsburgh to have Thanksgiving with best friend. Also get to see an old friend from college while I'm there, so I'm pretty excited about all that.
    Looking forward to getting out of town for a couple of days, that's for sure!

  3. I was going to see if you would do deliveries with me, Chrome, but clearly you'll have wings on your feet (or car) by that time.

  4. I would have said yes, but my bus leaves Wednesday.

  5. I wish I lived closer...I'd totally do that with you!

  6. This is a clear draw back to having friends inside the computer. Not close enough to deliver meals for a few hours.

    Chrome, hope you have a great trip!

    I think I'm going to wind up emailing the volunteer coordinator and asking if she's going to let me deliver on my own.