Monday, November 08, 2010

She Ran She Ran

Eddie did not see Bethany run. He was freaked out from pretty much a half a block before we arrived at the actual race course.

Fortunately Teddy's Girl held him for a long, long while and he made it through the elite runners then he was invited to be sequestered in THE PLACE WHERE SCOOTER SNACKS ARE BORN! It was much better for everyone involved (except possibly TG's back and Michelle's patience) and very much appreciated.

Then, just around the predicted time, I saw her!

It's possible I shouldn't have jumped for joy while taking the photos. She was doing beautifully and looking for her family. They were about a block past me. I didn't see them until later.

But they were cheering like champs for everyone passing by.

Great day, more photos to come.


  1. When I go cheer for the runners in our Memorial Marathon...I get choked up when I see people I really know. I mean, I get choked up for the majority of it because it's just such a GREAT THING...but man. yeah. I know what you mean. Cheering and all the like! Such a great day!

  2. Thanks so much for capturing it! Never had a good mid-race shot before, and glad you got my family too :). Spectating in NYC is truly an awesome thing, such a fab crowd to run through.