Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Abreast of 10 Things

Last night I went to Mimi's Breastival! The show was fantastic and included the world premiere of three songs that she's written for a musical about her experience of being diagnosed with breast cancer. I cannot wait for this musical to be produced, it's going to be phenomenal.

Along with entertainment Mimi provided information. In honor of the education she freely passed around, this week's 10 Things Tuesday will be organizations endorsed by Mimi Ferraro. They are all great places to donate or spend your holiday dinero.

1. The Pink Daisy Project. This project provides care and comfort to young women battling breast cancer. Their approach is to assist with practical needs and, as part of that, they were an event partner for The Breastival. You can donate to them in general or you can send a check with "Mimi Ferraro" in the memo section and your money will directly aid Mimi's struggles to pay off the "gift" of her cancer treatment. (Yes, she's had health insurance throughout. Yes, she's still paid approximately $30,000 out of pocket. Yes, that's terrifying. Still think the health care system is working?)

2. The Breast Cancer Fund advocates for the elimination of environmental and other preventable causes of the disease.

3. Breast Cancer Action is the watchdog of the breast cancer movement. They do not accept funding from entities that profit from or contribute to cancer, including the pharma industry, in order to ensure their ability to tell the truth about breast cancer causes and treatments.

4. Think Before You Pink is an arm of the Breast Cancer Action network. They call for transparency and accountability by companies raising funds for breast cancer causes. That pink-topped yogurt you're buying might be doing more harm than good.

5. The Young Survival Coalition is an international organization focusing on issues specific to young women and breast cancer.

6. I'm Too Young For This is founded by and for people affected by cancer. It is the nation's largest community for patients, survivors and caregivers between the ages of 15 and 40.

7. Maisonette donated the gorgeous dress you see Mimi wearing in these photos* for last night's raffle. They have many other wonderful items for sale.

8. Sheri Sanders rocked the house last night. She also donated a private audition coaching session which I did not win. (I won a voice lesson from Randy Glass who does not seem to have a web site. This makes my lesson feel very exclusive, which I like.) I think you couldn't go wrong with a class from Sheri or by giving such a thing to a singer you love.

9. There wasn't any tapping during last night's show but there was a lot in the raffle. Allison Plamondon teaches adult drop-in tap classes right here in NYC.

10. Daryl Roth donated tickets to Dear Edwina; Love, Loss & What I Wore; and The Divine Sister. I'm always all for supporting theatre so you can't go wrong with tickets to any of those!

Our bonus item for today's list is an article by Barbara Ehrenreich that Mimi recommends everyone read. That's something you can do for anyone with cancer that won't cost you a penny.

Thanks for the great show Mimi! I loved seeing you back on stage. You, for sure, but the can in cancer.

*I know you can't see her face, my seat was photographically unfortunate since the bright light that is Mimi completely washed out her face. But you can see how hot the dress is. Many thanks to Pony Express for the use of her iPhone to take these shots. I can only imagine how much more overwhelmed my little Blackberry would have been by Mimi's brilliant shine.


  1. My friend at work lost her sister last year to breast cancer. She got the mammogram bus to come to work and do screenings in memory of her sister. She saved a life that day because a woman found out she had cancer that day and she wasn't even in that age/risk factor group and wouldn't have gone in for tests. True story.

  2. thank you thank you thank you at least ten times, probably many more! xoxoxo

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