Saturday, December 18, 2010

Attention Please!

A few things I thought I should call your attention to:

Sugared cranberries a la Belfer are even better than I remembered.

I almost spent my life savings at a jewelry party thrown by the ladies at this Etsy store.

If you dry your jeans they will shrink way more than is good for your internal organs. OK, my internal organs and my jeans.

This guy, Christoph Niemann, does sort of photo essays for the New York Times. His world of Christmas cookies one is extremely awesome. Wrath is one of my faves.

My feelings on the Yankee Swap remain steadfast.

There is a holiday installment to the Simon's Cat videos. I hope my cats don't see it.


  1. Why, why did you point me to that etsy shop????

  2. hahaha the dough & the kitties are so cute!