Sunday, December 12, 2010

A List Of Things I Have Managed This Weekend

1. Movie.

2. Dinner with friend.

3. Photographed a band.

4. Rescued Christmas for someone I don't know.

5. Photographed dogs in funny hats.

6. Collected ingredients and containers.

7. Processed a whole bunch of photos of a whole bunch of people and stuff.

8. Had brunch.

8. Learned how to make a brick of sugar into granulated sugar.

10. Made a foodstuff.

11. Made another foodstuff.

12. Watched a movie.

13. Paid my maintenance.

14. Watched a TV show.

15. Slept. A lot.

What did you get up to?


  1. Got a tree and partially decorated it. Saw Peter Pan (at PCPA) with family members. Slept (but not enough, never nearly enough).

  2. Worked, shopped (unsuccessfully), went to work's staff party, church, more shopping (gas in car, even!)slept, read. Pretty quiet around here. Poor Eddie..he looks a bit embarrassed. At least you don't do that daily!

  3. I'm not clear exactly how it was you had time for lots of sleeping....

  4. baked. and baked. and baked. and went out to dinner with the manhalf and a dear friend. and baked more.

    coconut macaroons
    caramel corn
    2 batches hot chocolate mix

    another batch of macaroons
    cakes in jars (if you make that recipe, note it says baking powder at one point and baking soda at another point. use baking soda. i checked the recipe i sent you against the original source on food network and the transcriber oopsed. also, let the cakes cook longer than the recipe states, lest they end up undercooked.)

    my legs and back hurt, but i feel accomplished.

  5. Ineed another day. Sunday was spent baking bread for the salon christmas party. Then the party. Today has been spent recovering from said party. I just woke up from a 3 hour nap and damn. I just want dinner and more sleep. I did zero laundry. I did watch the Dexter Finale. Sheesh. so...I need another day.

  6. Man, you guys got a lot done!

    Gail, that's actually not Eddie. He was being corralled by Kath and I couldn't go near him or he freaked out. That's Seven. I used to live a couple doors down from Seven's family when his predecessor, Five, was alive. Somewhere in the PUPS archives is a picture of Five wearing the same tree hat. He was, I believe, similarly nonplussed.