Thursday, January 06, 2011

Could But Should?

I could tell you about how I've slathered Vicks on my shins both as a topical analgesic for the insanity-inducing itching and to cover the smell in my apartment whose source I can't find anywhere. I could. Let's just look at some pictures from the last month instead, though. Won't that be nicer?

A smile.

I feel like the Auntie Fairy was looking down on me. I got one good, clear shot of the girl singing her heart out. You only need one, right?

My dog doing his new Christmas job.

Caroling. Right after this we sang Rudolph and I thought people weren't sufficiently upbeat so I started doing the annoying call and response version for kicks. No one knew what I was doing. They did that version where you come from, right?

This dog's name starts with an R. I can't remember the rest of it because I was too busy looking into his soulful eyes and plotting ways to curl up on the floor with him. He is everything you want in a buddy and more.

1 comment:

  1. oh wow that doggie with the soulful eyes looks just like my 11 year old labbie - all grey and yes very soulful! I hope the Vicks cured all your ails!