Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Photo Challenge: Free Skate #2

Need it be said that I love these challenges? I really do. I know that we have loyal contributors and I'm so grateful for that. I'd like to have more but I don't want to be pushy. I will however note two things.

Thing 1: Thanks to a new member our group is up to 98 members (technically a slight cheat since she's a member under 2 different accounts but I'm not above cheating). My birthday is Sunday. I would like to have 100 members (or more!) in our group as my birthday gift. Will you help me make that happen?

Thing 2: I read a lovely post over at Aiming Low by Heather Durdil who runs their "Capture It" photo challenges. It's short, sweet and contains the best photography advice sentence ever, "The best camera to have is the one you have with you." If (when) I get an iPhone, this is why I will get it.

Now on to the gorgeous photos from this holiday free skate challenge. Please click through. Please comment for photogs. Please go to the Flickr pool and see all the ones I didn't have room for. Please scroll down for the next challenge. Please pass the ice cream (and the elastic waisted pants) I'm hungry!

Delectable, no? All of it? I know.

For our first challenge of the new year let's go with START/FINISH. There are a lot of new resolutions being bandied about out there and a lot old ones being polished off. Perhaps this will help us highlight our successes.

Please submit your photos (as many as you like, you'll notice that I usually pick one from each photographer to put in the post but I love to see all of them, the more the merrier) by 9am on Tuesday January 18 for publication on Wednesday January 19th. Please tag with "PhotoChallenge" and "START/FINISH."

Happy new photo year to you all!


  1. So pretty, I love them all. Shared the link on Facebook, so fingers crossed :)

  2. It worked! We're at 101 members now and we've already got photos entered in this challenge. I'm thrilled, thank you!