Friday, February 11, 2011

Come A Little Closer, My Dear

Pardon me for pointing out the obvious but I've been thinking about this trip to China a lot lately. Queen Bee and I keep saying, "If only Nanny & Joe could see us." (Maybe they can, we don't know.) "Who would have thought when they were having the big girls wheel us around the block to shut us up that we'd be going to see the Great Wall of China together? No one!"

I've known Queen Bee since I was 5 months old. That's over 40 years. Well over 40 years at this point. Whenever I think about that I start to wonder if any of my other friends have relationships that have lasted that long. Not a lot of them do. Well, non-blood relationships. I start to think how lucky we are and sad for other people that they don't have this.

Finally, after many years of having these (frankly a little sanctimonious, I know) thoughts, I realized tonight that this is what people are talking about when they get all hot under the collar about having another kid to make sure their first one has someone to go through life with. Voila, I've got blog content in PSA form.

Pssst! You don't have to have a sibling to have someone to go through life with. You're welcome.

Queen Bee and I are about to spend 2 weeks exploring a country we know nothing about. We've never been traveling together before but we've got a lifetime of a foundation that tells me we're going to be OK. I mean, if all of my fear reducing techniques fail she's the perfect person to taser me into submission so I don't get shoved out the emergency exit for insubordination. I'm sure she'll be careful that I won't hit my head and she'll lend me a pair of undies if I pee myself.

I know it looks like I'm an only child but that's only because you aren't looking closely enough.


  1. I know it looks like I'm an only child but that's only because you aren't looking closely enough.

    i know this all too well. until last year, i had a "sister" like you do. i've known her for 28 years. i still miss her.

  2. Sing it!

    Maybe we hold on to our "sisters" more tightly because they're what we have, but whatever, I completely agree with you.