Sunday, February 20, 2011


If I'd been tweeting yesterday I'd have said, "Just peed in the Ritz."

Sister Bee describes Shanghai as a study in contrast. Right after we peed in the Ritz we got into the car in search of a knitting store. Since we were working with google directions and that's not always updated or accurate we wound up going into a part of the city we would surely never have gone to otherwise. As we came up to a corner with a cinema Mr. Li told us that he'd lived in the neighborhood for 2 years when he was a kid. As we bore right down the road google had recommended he also pointed out a house as being very old. It had shingles like half flower pots and was sooty and run down but kind of beautiful. The further we went down the road the older and more run down the buildings became. Lots of food for sale in the open unwindowed fronts of buildings, dried chickens hanging from wires out front, lots of salvaged materials being used. Not like the Ritz at all. I don't know that anyone would have voluntarily taken us there if we hadn't asked specifically for something that was on that street so I'm glad we had a chance to see that part of the city.

Another sharp contrast was the way I felt by the end of the day. Things have been going pretty well physically but by yesterday afternoon the post nasal drip was making me cough constantly which was annoying the hell out of me and giving me anxiety about keeping my roomie up all night. We were both tired and after our delicious Peking duck dinner my stomach decided it was off the happy vacation bandwagon as well. Given how I feel this morning (Monday) I'm pretty sure that was about all the fat I ingested during the day and the one chunk of sweet crispy duck skin I indulged in rather than any kind of bug I've picked up. So I dosed with Immodium and Mucinex and was abed by 8:30pm. After a good 9 or so hours of sleep I still have a bullfrog in my throat but I feel better.

Today we're going to see where Sister Bee works and check out that area of the country, about an hour outside of Shanghai. The adventure continues!


  1. Anonymous8:57 PM

    A knitting store in China...... Oh the excitement!!!! -Erika

  2. I cannot WAIT to see pictures!

    I'm sorry about the ick. I'm glad you're feeling better.

    There's not much to report here. All the Chili women are on school break, but we've got no big plans for the time. I think a little unstructured down-time is a good way to spend at least one vacation from school. Besides, I get to live vicariously through you! Thanks!

  3. Oh I hope there are many more unintended sidetrips through new neighborhoods, those little hiccups have made some of my best trip memories ever! I'm trying not to think jealous thoughts about that pork skin, and am failing utterly. I'll bet it was worth the consequences though?!

  4. You should go to a Chinese herbalist for that cough.

  5. A Chinese knitting store?? I'm intrigued. I am currently on my fourth try of my first attempt at a sock, something I've always wanted to learn to knit but it is a bit of a nightmare, to say the least. (I suppose the fact that I haven't knitted since I was 14 might also have something to do with it but dammit, I knit sweaters then!). Do you knit or where you going to look for someone else?

  6. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Hope you feel better soon! Don't let anyone give you a shot - it'd probably be safe, but you may end up with a used needle.