Thursday, February 03, 2011


Sara and I decided we would buy Noah's book and try to make a bunch of stuff this year. I have read only parts of the book and I don't have a theme and I'm generally making a mess of it but all we said is that we'd make something and if a mess is what I'm good at making? Well then.

Strangely my first impulse the day we had the books in hand was to look up origami instructions on line and re-learn to fold paper. I ripped up a bunch of magazines in lieu of buying the special stock and made some stuff with varying degrees of success. When it came time to photograph my creations I had some trouble. See, I made this little crown, perfect for modeling on dogs, but I could not wield the crown, the spray cheez and the camera all on my own. So I brought all my crap to Sara's house and asked her to wrangle while I took photos (because I am a fantastic delegater and she is apparently quite gullible, thanks Sara!). We had two dogs to choose from. They both like cheez. What could go wrong?

Buce: Mmmm, do you have Do not put that on my head. I am unsure of it. Spray now please. Spray. Now. On my tongue. Please.

Buce: Cheez is over here, I'm leaning toward the cheez so you know where it is but I'm keeping an eye on you over there with the big black clicky thing. I do not love the way you are pointing it at me and laughing. Stop laughing. Spray cheez.

At which point we broke all sorts of rules for both dogs and kitchens and hoisted the smaller headed dog onto the island where we could (in theory) control him more easily.

Ed: Just going sneak under this weird thing they keep poking me with so I can get to my cheez.

Ed: Aaaahhhhh, that's the stuff. Hey, just slide that thing off me, willya, I'm eating here.

Ed: Oh fine, whatever. As long as I can have the cheez.

Ed: Hey! Not cool. I'm wearing the damn thing. Bring back the cheez.

Ed: Fine. Happy? Here's your cover shot. It's gonna cost you, though.

Even if we don't cast you, you still get paid for coming to the shoot.

You can see photos of the other stuff I've made here.


  1. Poor Bruce, looks so worried about not getting any cheese.

  2. To be honest Bucephalus got a whole honking bunch of cheez before during and after our attempts to crown him. Unfortunately it just fueled his ability to elude the origami.

  3. Maybe if we'd hoisted Bu onto the counter... I love that look he has, right before his brains melt.