Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back Up!

At some point this morning I thought it would be a good idea to do a 10 Things list of 10 Things I did before I left for work solely so I could make a joke linking my apartment and Tatooine. It was a good joke. I worked on it. It was polished. But it was not strong enough to hang a whole list on. Silly.

Aaaaaand, right there I just zoned out, staring out the window at some park across the water in Queens, trying to come up with the next sentence. I don't know about you guys but I don't think we're going to get a themed list out of my brain today. When in doubt make the problem your solution.

Unthemed list ahoy!

1. I love lists.

2. When training a dog to back up (or reverse if you're my dog since "back up" translates to "go run quick and bark at the door" in mutt) the dog has to get that it needs to step away from the treat in order to receive said treat. This, as Aunt Becky would say, is bullshit. However, learn he has but he likes to try and get around the problem so we'll get into position to do the trick and I'll say "reverse" and he'll streeeeeeeeetch his back foot out as far as he can to see if he can get up on the book stack without backing away from the treat. When he's practically popped a ligament without success he scampers backwards onto the pile as fast as he can.

3. I just ate a big bowl of pasta so that I wouldn't eat a normal portion and then be tempted to go back for seconds. Can't go back for seconds if the goodness is all gone.

4. I often have more than one book in progress at a time. I kind of like it that way. In Rory Gilmore style I want to make sure that I have a book going to fit each possible mood.

5. Does anyone have an online subscription to The New Yorker? There's a great article by Tina Fey that I finished reading this morning (while peeing, brushing my teeth, filling the humidifier [I live on Tatooine!] and drying my hair) that I really want to share with the world. Lorne Michaels, 9/11, pee in a cup and Contempo Casuals all in one coherent piece. I love her.

6. I bought an armload of music last night, mostly using an iTunes card I got 2 Christmases ago (Thanks Steph!) and finally learned how to redeem. I am listening to so much good music right now. Almost too much. It's making it hard to concentrate...says the girl who likes to read a bunch of books at once.

7. I just had to take a break from making this list because I couldn't bear to pay attention to it anymore. I am going to be a treat in tricks class tonight, just as distractable as my dog!

8. Oh, have you entered yesterday's giveaway? There's still time but, you know, it'd be nice to see some more folks in the running for this fantastic movie.

9. Watching (via Twitter) someone (@QueenofSpain) make cake balls I'm realizing that the reason a lot of people make them on lollipop sticks is because the sticks make it easier to dip them in the chocolate. Feeling a little idiotic for taking the zebra route instead of the horse one with mine.

10. I've got a lot of stuff I'm working on and toward this week. I'm also going to have 2 dogs for 3 days. The thing I'm most looking forward to this week seems to be walking those dogs a few miles on Saturday to run a stupid errand. I keep picturing it as a warm, sunny stroll and I can't wait to feel free and full of natural vitamins with tired dogs. Except it's never going to be warm here again. I'm still wearing my sleeping bag coat and sometimes long johns and always a hat or hood. It might be a simply frigid and terrible walk. It might be fine. What it most certainly will not be is the early summer walk I envision. Yet, I can't stop. Aunt Becky is right. This is bullshit.


  1. you know, i've done cake pops both ways, and i can never get the candy liquid enough to be pretty so i've resigned myself to the idea of simply doing balls (GOD that sounds dirty...LOL!). they're easier.

  2. I can't swear to this and my information should be validated by a baker or chemist given my track record but I think you could thin the chocolate with alcohol. Just a little. I don't think they'll ever be super pretty. I mean, it's a cakeball. It's cake mixed with frosting covered in chocolate. If you require your instrument of sweet sweet death to be perfect looking you're missing the point! :)

  3. Nope, no subscription, but I bet it's amazing! I <3 Tina Fey :-)

  4. but but Kizz, Bakerella's are pretty so MINE MUST BE PRETTY TOO RAWRRAWRRAWR.

    and stuff. :P

  5. falnfenix, seriously, dude, how freaking long must it take her to dip, add antlers, add eyes, add nose on those flipping reindeer?!?! I mean, they're pretty and all but I think I might go stark mad before I got halfway done!

    Janet, I heart her so SO much!

  6. i honestly don't know but i envy her patience, abilities...and free time. girl's got skills.

  7. I really hope you get some decent weather for your stroll on Sat. Thanks again for taking the Bobster!