Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chopped Down

I am resentful of many of the small health problems of getting older. I feel as though every time you get a handle on one you get another. I've been quite faithful about filling the humidifier the last few days and it's been helping the sinus issues immensely. So, of course, I wound up with a migraine today instead. Not being completely familiar with migraines I don't want to take the meds if I'm not sure but you're supposed to take them at the first sign for them to work. What the hell is the first sign? I took a chance and took an Aleve instead. When I got home from brunch I napped in case that would help. When none of that did I took the migraine meds which include a hefty dose of naproxen which is the Aleve. Pretty much sacrificed the rest of my day to the nausea and disgustingness of that misstep.

It's a first world problem, no doubt, but it sucked the good out of my day. I did get some photos processed and did some doggie homework to boot.


  1. You earned a cookie and a gold star for "first world problem"... bravo! I wish that would help with the rest, but we does what we cans.

  2. Please remind me to get you that migraine med that I have. I think it might help you next time!!

  3. I've never had to deal with a sorry you're having to. bleargh.