Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sing It, Sister!

10 Things....10 Things....10 Things...What 10 Things?

I don't read posts about music so I have no reason to believe that you will read this. That's OK. You do what you like. We'll get together again soon, I promise.

All I can come up with, though, is what 10 things I wish I had on my iPod.

1. Soundtrack to The Mystery of Edwin Drood.

2. Soundtrack to Fiddler on the Roof.

3. Every version of You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You're Gone that's ever been recorded. Ditto ever version of Forever Young but especially the one that was used in that episode of Sons of Anarchy that one time.

4. Some mysterious, as-yet-uninvented thing that introduces me to new-to-me traditional American and perhaps Celtic songs that don't suck.

5. Songs In Red & Gray is the one thing by Suzanne Vega that I miss terribly but I want it all, every scrid of recorded song by her, please. But let's start with Songs In Red & Gray.

6. Diver Down by Van Halen.

7. Things that I would like by The Weepies. I do not know what those things might be.

8. Adele, not sure what but I heard her once on Craig Ferguson and I think I'd like to hear more.

9. All of Patsy Cline, I'm missing a bunch of what I once had on cassette (I KNOW) and I want it back.

10. Something that you recommend to me. Recommend away, please!


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  2. have you already heard Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap?

  3. I have not. I have heard the name Imogen Heap before, though. That's more than I often have going for me in popular music discussions. When I get home I will watch that. Well, when I get home and after I've already gotten home, packed up the dog, gone to class, had my fingers gnawed off by an overachieving dog and then gotten home again. Thanks!

    I should blog about music more often, you guys are very helpful!

  4. i'll dig through my youtube playlist when i get home (since i'm leaving now). if i find anything else i think might appeal, i'll link you.

  5. Adele is stellar. I've not got her new release, but I've heard it's flawless. also, check out Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. I'll see her this summer.

  6. alright, here's the list of stuff that's caught my attention over the past few years. i rarely listen to new music and i have a bit of an eclectic style, so keep that in mind.

    Tinted Windows - Kind of a Girl (they've got James Iha! and Bun-e from Cheap Trick!)
    Hanson - Give a Little the Hanson boys are all growed up, and they sound catchy-good. they're a far cry from their MMM Bop days.
    Johnny Cash and Fiona Apple - Father and Son not new, but made me tear up a little.
    Pink - Glitter in the Air i don't know what you feel about Pink, but give this song a listen.
    Janelle Monae - Cold War this girl was on the Grammys and ROCKED IT.
    Lovett - Eye of the Storm this needs to be watched.
    Sulic Hauser - Smooth Criminal pretty men with cellos. truly, could you ask for more?
    Girugamesh - Destiny they're Japanese and i haven't a clue what they're singing, but i really liked this.
    La Roux - Bulletproof i'm told this was immensely popular. i just liked the sound. very 80s.
    Slash (ft. Fergie) - Beautiful Dangerous Fergie needs to sing rock music. girl's voice is made for it.
    Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration this amused me. it might not amuse you, but i figured it's worth a watch.
    Matisyahu - One Day i liked this one a LOT when i heard it.
    Miles Davis - This Must Be the Place (cover) NSFW video. if you've seen American Psycho, you'll be amused by this vid. the song's a pretty good cover, too.
    Summons Song at 6am i'm no good at remembering who this guy is, but he's darned good at picking.
    Daler Mehndi - Tunak Tunak Tun this guy's SO FREAKING SMILEY. i keep this in my happy music folder. haven't a clue what he's singing, but it gets my feet moving.
    Jonathan Coulton - Code Monkey Coulton's a nerd. he sings for his people. i am his people. :)

    and...i'm spent. maybe you'll find something you like in this weird mix of stuff.

  7. Pink is in my car and I haven't taken it out for weeks. Fistfull of Glitter...that grammy performance is still...stunning

  8. i agree...i'd say it's one of the best i've seen in a long, long time. i'm sad i missed her tour - she's now all big with baby incubation, and i don't know when her next tour will be.

  9. Miflohny1:22 PM

    I don't have the Suzanne Vega that you're wanting, but I do have quite a few of her CDs. You're welcome to borrow if you want. But to pay Suzanne Vega back, you need to buy at least one other (and loan it to me). :-)

  10. All this other stuff is great, but take it from me, all you really need is the Heaven Tonight album by Cheap Trick.

    I love that you want Diver Down on your iPod. Rocker!!