Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Love To Do

I love to do lists. The last month or so, though, I've been fully incapable of making them. Despite having made a list for this week I noticed as I ticked away at it this morning that the accomplishments weren't exactly marked with high difficulty. I am a little discombobulated. My brain power has been going to socializing and while that may take a very small wattage for many of you it takes pretty much all the amps and volts I have. Doesn't mean I don't like doing it (usually) or like the people I'm doing it with (almost always) just means that it's not my default setting. The battery she runs right down.

All my way of saying that I'm just going to share some weird shit with you in a list of 10 format today.

1. For 2 days I've been watching the NY Times' Hawk Cam. There are apparently 3 eggs under the mama in the nest high up on a window ledge of the library of my alma mater. I haven't seen them yet but I will!

2. My dog disapproves of yoga. Or anything else that encourages people to stand on one leg. He would like me to tell you that you don't look one bit like a tree so you should quit it because it's weird and bothersome. That's what all his barking means. (Side note: Many thanks to the young lady in tree pose in the park at 6:30 this morning for being cool about having a small dog tell her off for working out.)

3. If you like books and you like things that are funny you should really be subscribed to Better Book Titles. Thanks go to Kath for tipping me off to it while we sat in the corner at a party and made up titles for Melville books. ("Whale! Turn Around!!!!!")

4. I met a famous author at dinner the other night. I had already read one of her books. Now I can't decide which one to read next.

5. Oh, right, I owe you guys a winner of the Comstock video. DVD arrived a while ago I just need to wrap my head around setting up the list for the randomizer to choose from. I've got a 4 day weekend starting Thursday. I have big hopes for this sort of thing to be done then.

6. One of the things I didn't quite expect from Twitter, though I should have, happened today. A blogger posted her own obituary, written in the first person then killed herself, leaving the internet to decide how to get her help. As I didn't follow her before this happened I am only getting information third hand but it seems that she succeeded. It's a strange and terrible thing on a number of different levels.

7. I'm still posting photos of China because I'm still processing them. I'm up to the part where we visited the Temple of Heaven. Lots of math involved in the construction of that temple. 3 times 3 of these and 9 times 9 of these and 27 of these all laid out so that you can hear a whisper on the other side. Very cool and somewhat intimidating.

8. Someone keeps asking me what I'm doing for Easter. I keep saying, "I...don't really...celebrate Easter." That sounds weird to me but it's accurate. I'm technically Christian (Congregationalist if you want to put me on the lists somewhere) but Easter wasn't something we spent a lot of time on. Sometimes my grandmother made ham so we wore skirts and ate it. Oh, and once there was a chocolate egg hunt. She hid one of the eggs inside a crocus.

9. If there was an egg hunt I could go to I would celebrate that way, I think. That feels worth making an effort.

10. Is there anything you'd like to tell me?


  1. The Easter thing? Keeps happening to us too. I'm gonna color some eggs and take a photo.

  2. so sad about the twitterer...

    love the pic of you tho...you look so mischievious!

  3. Anonymous2:08 PM

    ooh, Sheri ... I met her long before I knew she was an author, she was just a cool mom with cool kids ... still is, and i have yet to read one of her books. perhaps it's time to remedy that?
    I get the social-takes-energy thing, sometimes I can't WAIT to get home and be in my own shell. Egg hunt? Doh, that's going to be expected here, and I forgot all about it! Bad Mom, as my boys are fond of saying lately. Happy 4 days off!
    One last thing, that picture at the top? It's every kind of awesome. Love it.

  4. Twitter has finally confirmed some good news. The blogger in question has been found, is alive and is in treatment. So that's a nice thing for today.

    Janet, I was 17 and, oddly, probably not quite as mischievous as I am today.

    Bethany, I didn't meet her kids but she seems like the same sort of person still. I can lend you The Dress Lodger if you want. Of course you guys do an egg hunt! I bet it's 11 kinds of awesome. That picture was taken by a good friend my junior year of high school. It's kind of a hoot. I still feel like that girl, except that girl was all kinds of messed up. Well, OK, so I still feel like that girl, I just hold onto it better.

  5. I never did anything much for Easter except work. Filling the buffet for all of the church go'ers. then when I was married it was A Thing. Being married to a preacher's kid and all. Then it was nothing for a long time. Then I got nephews and that rocked. Then I made it my own thing. With my bonus mom and this kick ass choir at her church and food on the Frontier and bringing home tomato plants from her greenhouse to plant in my garden. It's now OUR thing. and I love it.
    The whole blogger/twitter thing with the obit and the killing has smooth freaked me out of my skin. I don't even want to investigate further tonight. bleargh. Thank goodness it's a better ending that previously thought.
    I love the photo. I cannot believe you were 17. In my head I was thinking "hey. she's changed her hair since November when I was there."
    I was watching the Eagle cam for awhile. It was pretty stinkin cool.