Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Hot Birthday

Last Wednesday was Carmencita's birthday. 

I was traveling so I wasn't able to celebrate in our usual fashion. 

Last night I enjoyed her chorus's spring concert and explained that I'd like to make amends. 

She assured me that she'd been planning to call in a request for a Hot People post at a later date. 

So, after some brainstorming I went home and came up with what you see here. 

I hope it screams HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Key (*denotes specific request of Birthday Girl): Brendan Fraser (of the Mummy movies, Gods & Monsters); Donald Sutherland*; Bobby Hull (NHL star and former Chicago Blackhawk, this is a very old photo); French & Saunders (the fantastic comedy team behind Ab Fab among other things and a favorite of Carmencita's); Johnny Depp; Helen Mirren*; Lee Pace (of Pushing Daisies & Soldier's Girl); Julie Benz (of Buffy, Angel, Dexter & other one-named things); Nathan Fillion (of Castle, FireflyDr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog); Zak Bagans* (of Ghost Hunters, a particular love of Birthday Girl right now). &


  1. Happy Birthday Carmencita!

  2. Happy birthday to Carmencita! Hey, my birthday is Wednesday this week and this just takes the cake!

  3. holy my god! Bobby Hull was BUILT! SHHHHHEEEEIIIITTTT!!!

    Happy Birthday to Carmencita!

  4. smalltownmom, feel free to request a Hot People post for your day. I'm happy to do it!

    Janet, no shit, right? I about fell over when that pic came up. And that was published in, I don't know, the 60s or 70s. Probably the 60s since he was born in 1939ish. I can't believe it was allowed!