Thursday, May 19, 2011

Assvice, Please

You know when you just....lose your momentum? How do you personal help yourself get it back?


  1. Anonymous11:33 PM

    Hibernate. Mope. Growl a bit, cry a lot, and then obligate myself in some way so that I have to get my ass out of bed and be somewhere to do something. That usually works. However it's not worked for running, at all, so I now have a race in 36 hours that i'm not at all trained for. should be painful.
    Also? I give myself permission now to have no momentum. It's ok for awhile ... Just plodding is quite alright.
    Oh, another thing that works sometimes is the right book. No magic way of knowing what book, but reading about someone else's journey sometimes gets me going.

  2. Carmencita6:46 AM

    I agree with those suggestions. Falling in love with someone or something also works like a charm, too. You can't plan that, but if you commit yourself to things you know to be good, or helpful, or the right thing to do, the love (momentum) will return.
    You may need to take it easy for a bit. You have had a rough couple of weeks.

  3. Often when I loose momentum, it's because I've a particularly stressful week and I'm just plain tired. I rest, give myself some time, acknowledge that I've lost momentum, and just start over the next day. I think the first thing I had to learn is that it's OK to rest. It's OK to be tired. The world is not going to end because I lost a little momentum and needed to give myself a break.

  4. I wrote a hugeass comment and it went away. boo.
    mostly it's about giving yourself premission to just STOP. For me, though it's sometimes a fine line between resting and depression so I have to watch that. It comes back. I just does.

  5. I agree with Carmencita, falling in love is the best medicine! Man or woman, doesn't matter...even if it's just a crush. Gets your brain out of neutral when you fall in love. But as she said, that's impossible to plan for.

    Take baby steps, that works for me. Pretty soon, you're up and running again. Also, retail therapy sometimes works!

  6. hm. That's a good question.
    I usually just go with it. I force myself to do certain things, even if I don't feel like it. I take hot baths. I zone out and play scrabble online (but not too much because if I'm feeling terrible I usually lose, which then makes me feel more terrible).

    It helps to tell yourself that these times will pass. They usually do (eventually).

    Hope you're all right, Kizz.

  7. A new pair of shoes, a plant, a walk in the park, a good book and sometimes... I clean. I wish you light. I loved the Milk of Human Kindness Post, great title.