Thursday, May 05, 2011

A Hiccup

In a few minutes I am departing my home to go to a big, fancy airport. After that I'll board a plane. It's the first time I've ever bought a ticket and flown the very same day. I wish I could tell you it's for a fun and fanciful reason. A good friend has died and I am going to be with her family and meet some of her friends and say goodbye. I've taken my hands picture for today and I've got plans for the days I'm away but won't probably be posting until I return.

I'll miss you and, if you've got time over the next couple of days, it would lift my spirits to hear good stories about you and your friends, especially ones you've known for a very long time.

I charge you all with one thing for your lists this year: Do not die.

Promise me.


  1. I will do my best, although I can't promise anything :-)

    Here's my story: Just about a year ago, I had what I refer to as Brown Friday. Let's not go into details; instead, let me tell you that when I called my now boyfriend, who was a friend with hope at that point, my friend Michelle and my cousin Maribeth, they arrived within 30 minutes, 2 hours and the next morning respectively and did what was necessary to make me feel comfortable, clean and safe, especially Dave, the poor bastid. Gah. He really passed the test that day, I tell ya! Hugs, Kizz :-)

  2. Honey, I'm so sorry. I, too, will do my level best not to die this year.

    It may well be true that you, Sooza, and Meadmaker are my oldest friends. We have complicated stories - you know that - but we always manage to find equilibrium, and for that, I'm grateful.

  3. Oh I'm so sorry. Glad you're going, may you find comfort and marinate in the good stories.

    Good friends drop everything and come when you need them. I've got two of those, and can't imagine living without them. One of them was living in Japan many years back, and I was footloose and free in Chicago. Got a bee in my bonnet that she needed a visit, had an airline-employee friend with passes, and hopped a plane to Tokyo for the weekend. Not quite a weekend, we had 22 hours together I think. She came there to meet me, brought another friend, and we all wandered the streets till I had to go. Slept in a doorway, held down a karaoke booth for a couple of hours, camped out in a donut shop, and talked non-stop. Soul-knitting I think it's called, the very best bits of life.

  4. i'm so, so sorry about the sudden loss.

    my GOOD story? i just spent the weekend with a friend i've known for about 6 years; we had an absolute ball, and i feel we got to know each other better (kindof inevitable when sharing a hotel room). i also fed him and convinced him to eat Brussels sprouts (something he hadn't done before). i gave him cookies and a book and laughter and fun and the love of a friend.

    he reluctantly went home Monday - the three of us were having entirely too much fun for the weekend to end.