Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Photo Challenge: WINE/WOMEN/SONG

I was surprised that some people felt that WINE/WOMEN/SONG was a serious challenge. You stepped up, though, and for that I'm grateful. Enjoy the pics and click through to see more of the same.

I have spent this week thinking, "Shit, I really need to get new glasses." This photo by fondofsnape speaks my truth.

It is entirely possible that Elephant Soap is psychic because I suspect there's an episode like this in my near future.

I've been doing a lot of this lately but without the smiling. Falnfenix's version with the big grins is so much nicer.

I am very lucky to have a group of dinner gals who don't bat an eyelash when I click my shutter all through our meal.

I told lshykula when she submitted this that she needs to make sure she packs a flask for emergencies.

You may or may not know that a friend of mine died unexpectedly last week. She was a wonderful, gregarious woman and sadly, her funeral was where I met a great number of her fabulous friends for the first time. In her honor the next challenge will be HELLO/GOODBYE. We may have done this one before but I think it bears repeating.

Please tag with PhotoChallenge and HELLO/GOODBYE and enter in our Flickr Pool by 9am on Tuesday May 24 for posting on Wednesday May 25. (Don't forget to enable downloading!)

Thanks for playing!


  1. LOL I love that second photo, but it looks like she's eating cereal from a cereal box! What's she doing?

  2. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Sorry I missed this one, but what great submissions! That would be a box wine in Elephant Soaps, no? Gotta go get me one, been a dearth of wine and women and song around here, should at least get working on the song and wine stat. Sorry for the reason for the next challenge, but it's a good one nonetheless, I'll do better this time!

  3. Janet, I'm drinking straight from a box of wine. I love that the photo challenge is picking up real steam!

  4. Cindy, looks like you're a fellow fan of Bota. :)

  5. I thought there were 3 or 4 comments here before. Wonder what happened to them.

    Janet, I think that's a box of wine she's polishing off. Looks delicious!