Monday, May 02, 2011

She Was Actually Asking For It (A Birthday Post)

I sent a text to Auntie this morning to wish her a happy birthday.

She thanked me then basically batted her eyelashes via text.

"Can I have a Hot People Post?"

Of course you can, sister, it's your birthday. 

She chose the Red Sox. 

I chose the rest.

May this be the most recent of many, many more.

Love you.

Key: 1. Amy Ryan (go see her in Win Win) 2. Tim Wakefield 3. Kristen Bell 4. Jennifer Beals (with Chicago Code co-star, Jason Clarke) 5. Lena Headey (currently being very blonde adn very evil on HBO's adaptation of Game of Thrones) 6. (Adorable) Dustin Pedroia (being cheered by Terry Francona) 7. Odette Annable (currently starring in Breaking In) 8. Elisabeth Moss (of Mad Men fame) 9. Mary McCormack (whose series, In Plain Sight, premiered Season 4 last night) 10. Melissa Leo (Have you been living under a rock?!? Homicide: Life on the Street, The Fighter, everything in between) 11. Katey Segal (Sons of Anarchy, Lost, Married With Children)


  1. I love the picture of Tito and Dustin!! So cute! Those two have such great chemistry. Thanks! Love you!!

  2. Elizabeth Moss - What a great photo!

    Melissa Leo - Wowee, so beautiful!

    Katey Segal - Sweet mother of pearl. That woman could make me switch sides.