Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Blah Blah Blah x 10

It's short attention span listing today! (Does anyone else remember Short Attention Span Theater back when Comedy Central was new?)

1. So, in light of recent events, what's funnier: junk, package, weiner, schlong or peen?

2. In light of Apple's recent announcement, as of June 2012, I will have one (count 'em one) device in my life that actually operates within the company's parameters and therefore will be able to use their software. And that's a first generation iPad so I'm actually not sure it'll be able to handle Lion and iCloud either. Time to win the lottery!

3. I have to say, I'm really torn about what's going down with the Iranian women's soccer team. I understand that FIFA makes the rules for Olympic soccer and I actually agree to some extent with their ban on religious symbols (I guess Israel must not field a soccer team?) on the field but these women worked so hard and simply to be in contention was such a huge step for the women of their country it's tragic that this rule is going to break the back of women's soccer in Iran.

4. Here's another one of Sueb0b's 50 for 50 charities. Bikes Not Bombs. Sounds like a brilliant idea to me!

5. Yesterday I finally told one of my non-blogging California friends about my trip plans for August. I guess I really need to get on that, check out airfare and trains and maybe tell the other people I'm coming.

6. I suppose I should write a Please Pass the Popcorn post about this but my thoughts are minimal I watched Gran Torino this weekend. Boy howdy that's a bad movie. Bad writing, bad acting, wandering plot. Nice looking cars, though.

7. Check out this wisdom from a 99-year-old lady via Advanced Style. If we could all follow her advice the world would be a better place. (Be on time! Yes, preach it, sister!)

8. My joints always feel weird after I drink alcohol. It's like they itch from inside if I've had a little and it's kind of painful if I've had a little more. Someone promise me that's not gout, please, I don't want to suddenly be Ben Franklin.

9. Soon in NYC stealing a pet could get you 4 years in jail. I am in favor of that. I would have been in favor of that even before I had a portable-sized dog. In related news I was walking with Teddy's Girl and our dogs last night. We were discussing Ed's habit of barking at passing dogs when he's on leash. "Is he also reactive to people?" she asked. Before I could answer he swerved toward a man taking out his garbage and barked like the can contained a dead body. "Oh." she said. And we kept walking.

10. There's a contest with an as yet unnamed prize over at SaneMoms. All you have to do is take a picture of your laundry. Easy peasy! I say go do it.

What's up with you?


  1. I'm looking on Priceline for a good hotel!

  2. re: Gran Torino - from what i understand, they hired nobodies on purpose.

  3. Laura, that was the impression I got. In some cases that tactic works out pretty well (many supporting cast in Winter's Bone for instance) but in this case it didn't quite fly. At least for me. I liked the actors but the writing wasn't helping them.

  4. oh, i meant to tell you...i saw Winter's Bone.

    the only reason i watched it to the end was Jennifer Lawrence. I really couldn't stand the movie, but she was fantastic in it.

  5. Tell me more! What didn't you like about it? You didn't like John Hawkes and Dale Dickey? I'm very interested.

  6. i'd already seen the Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia, and this really felt like a rehashing of that.

    i guess, if i hadn't already seen the documentary, i would have felt differently about it.

  7. Why did you not tell me about that doc sooner? (Did you? Sometimes my retention is terrible.) It looks...terrifying.

  8. i didn't mention it to anyone...i heard about it via a forum i frequent, and watched it after people recommended it.

    it was like watching a train wreck. i didn't WANT to continue watching, but i couldn't look away.

  9. I too need to look into air fair for August. I've got something really big going on right now that I can't wait to blog about, but it will have to wait or else the Universe will jinx it. It's the reason why I haven't looked into air fair yet.

  10. Anonymous2:10 AM

    thx for the props, and the FIFA thing makes me a bit crazy ... how can there be no way around that one? A scarf is a scarf, does it really matter why they're wearing it?