Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Indulging Myself

I had plans and dreams for the holiday weekend. I fulfilled some of them but others fell by the wayside. What I did do was process a whole cart load of photos because doing that made me happy. I was really, really happy this weekend. Here are just a few shots that I find I'm really glad I took.

Real love makes me weepy these days. Even when it's a little out of focus.

I could tell you what they're laughing about but then I'd have to permanently silence you. Just imagine something, it'll be safer for all of us. Make it good, though!

Those eyes can get you to do pretty much anything.

So cute you almost overlook the amount of scheming he used to acquire that bone from a dog 10 times his size.

I can't decide if this is a cliche or not but I like the fact that it has just one tiny bit of motion in it that makes it real.

I have tried for many years to get a candid shot that encompasses my image of Bebe. I think I got close here.

A gathering of adults throwing paper airplanes at each other. Very distinguished, no? (Yes!) As with all things Queen Bee has exquisite follow through.

Wheeeeeee! (Brrrrrrrrr.)

A rare contemplative moment for a kid with big plans and dreams. I love kids with big plans and dreams.

Have you entered the NEED/WANT photo challenge yet? Want to share any photos with us today just for fun? You know how much I love it when you do that.

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