Thursday, June 23, 2011

Roaring Through

I'm often lucky enough to have big chunks of time at home. After all the socializing I've been doing I manufactured a little extra time here this weekend. I've been working at home today and getting in some work on the home in the interim. Tomorrow I have a singing lesson but that's the only obligation. Saturday there's a vet appointment and a birthday dinner with movie. Sunday is free free free. So ideally I'd like to get all the musts out of the way before Saturday's birthday stuff and then be able to feel good about doing a whole lot of nothing on Sunday.

Traditionally I do my loafing and resting early and then that bleeds over into the entire rest of the time off so that not only am I not free to rest on the final day I feel worse than I did at the beginning of the weekend. I know this is an issue for a lot of people. I'd like to head it off at the pass. Today, since I've had small bits of time in between work obligations, I've actually been pretty productive. Groceries are here, fridge was cleaned for them, dishwasher emptied, some photos processed, the parade luggage unpacked and there's laundry working. Oh and last week's laundry was finally put away.

How to keep up this momentum tomorrow and Saturday? Is the carrot of a guilt-free day off on Sunday enough? Do I need baby carrots throughout the weekend? How do I make sure rest breaks don't expand to epic proportions? How do you do it? I can use all the advice I can get.

Also, why does it suddenly smell like chlorine in here?

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  1. Anonymous9:17 PM

    I seem to only be able to alternate between epic bouts of frantic productivity, and utter and complete ignoring of all responsibilities, projects, children, and obligations. I have no middle ground. The trigger between the two seems to be guilt, which works for keeping the process going, but isn't very nice to feel. I can feel very guilty for goofing off for a period of time, and it drives the whirling dervish effect. Then i fall exhausted into bed, pick up a book, and stay up another 2 hours and regret it in the morning. tis a lovely cycle, so no i have no helpful advice at all!