Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hive Mind, Please?

Can anyone point me to instructions for removing this tag without ruining the shirt, please? I promise I paid for it, I have the receipt and everything.

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  1. Anonymous9:36 PM

    I am guessing it would be too inconvenient to take it back to the store to have them use their devise to remove it? If that's the case, I have used two sets of pliers while a second person holds, watches, and manages the piece of clothing to avoid damage. It worked for me but it's hard to tell from the picture what the other half of this devise looks like. Good luck!!!!

  2. Go back to the store, or any store that has this kind of device, with your receipt and ask that it be removed. Really; that's the only 100% option.

  3. Bring it to work this week and i'll try my dark skills on it, but safest would be to find a store locally and plead for help and bring a character witness. Know any nuns?

    This week:

  4. Try a little google on it:

  5. Susan5:16 PM

    Having watched my husband try the same thing and put a hole in his new pants... be careful!