Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Photo Challenge: COUNTRY (and birthday wishes)

First off I want to take a moment to wish a very happy milestone birthday to loyal friend of 117 Hudson, Sueb0b! I know I've mentioned here that in the 50 days leading up to today she's highlighted 50 charities she wishes to support. For 50 days I've highlighted and saved and thought about the ones I like the most and planned to share them with you here. Turns out I like so many that it's better I send you to the list (scroll down for the list) and let you make up your own mind. There are so many good choices which is fitting for such a good woman.

Happy Birthday Sueb0b! Looking forward to seeing you next month.

As if 50 charities weren't enough good things for our COUNTRY, here are the results of the COUNTRY photo challenge. There were more entries from most of these snappers so please hit the Flickr Pool to see the other delicious shots.

Lshykula lives among some purple mountains majesty, indeed. Thanks for sharing!

Well, Elephant Soap, that's a grand ole flag, if you know what I'm saying. (How perfect is it that she owns all the elements to make this shot?)

Herm007 saw luscious possibility in this sign. I, of course, immediately leapt to foreclosure tragedy and was sad about it.

You can ask me all you want why I think this picture embodies COUNTRY. I won't be able to explain but you can ask.

It makes me feel warm and safe inside when fondofsnape shares photos of my homeland. Nobody does weird historical re-enactment sight seeing like the homeland. (Plimoth Plantation in this case.)

Time for another challenge you say? Why yes I think it is! This one might be a little weird but I think we can make a lot of it. I've been working at my singing for the past few months so I have songs and artists on the brain. The next challenge is MUSIC (to my ears).

Please share as many photos as you like on our Flickr Pool by Tuesday July 19 for posting on Wednesday July 20. Please tag those photos with PhotoChallenge and COUNTRY. If you have any questions just give me a shout at isabeau6 at hotmail dot com. Thanks again for playing my reindeer games!


  1. Suebob is super-awesome, and having those fabulous photos accompanying her birthday make it even better. Whoo - Happy Birthday Suebob!

  2. ah, crap. i knew i forgot something. took a few photos on my way out to the beach last weekend, meant to upload, then life got in the way.

    these are neat. :)

  3. Happy Birthday Suebob! Love all the pics this time, and the variety of ways the word's expressed ... I want to climb the mountain in Lshykula's pic, while hearing the music played in yours.

  4. Happy Birthday Suebob!

  5. Happy Birthday, Suebob! I thought foreclosure, too. Must be getting sentimental in my old age, every time I see an abandoned home (more and more often), I get sad at the thought of all the life that filled that house and what happened to the folks that lived there.

  6. Happy Birthday, Suebob!
    I wish you the great happiness and fun on your birthday.