Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This Moment

More often than not when people describe my photography they use some form of the word "journalistic." I take that to mean that, without a particular regard for the technicalities of photography, my better shots put the viewer inside a moment. It's a compliment with room for improvement. That's good, I think. This series of photos is my favorite thing I've taken lately. Maybe ever.

The woman is Queen Bee's Auntie Charlotte. She's a sister in a relatively strict order of Catholic nuns and has been since she was young. My experience of her has always been pretty straight laced and somewhat intimidating. It's easy to forget that someone who identifies so strongly with a calling has a full range of dimensions. Last Saturday I found out that Auntie Charlotte loves dogs. Really loves them. This is Curly Sue, her sister's dog and he was the first party guest Charlotte had a conversation with. I love them together.


  1. that happy-dog-face in the last photo is great. apparently the dog likes her as much as she likes the dog. :)

  2. You captured true love.

  3. beautiful. and yes, you capture the moments perfectly.