Friday, August 26, 2011

Boy Scouting

It has come to my attention that some people are wondering about the whole hurricane situation. Others who are slightly more informed are worried. Seems as though I should give you a quick run down of what I can see from this vantage point.

The city is ramping up its preparedness. There are a lot of reasons for this, some better than others. The mayor took a ratings hit when not prepared for an enormous blizzard in December so he's trying make it look like he learned something. Our city's health commissioner, I believe, was working in New Orleans during Katrina and has experienced being unable to evacuate people so is sensitive to the potential threats. It's a big city with a lot of places in it that get flooded over much less excitement than a hurricane. The broadcast area is much larger than just those folks so we all get the information. If the current models are correct we are actually going to get slammed.

That being said, the storm hasn't made landfall yet. Everything is going to change when that happens 'cause that's how hurricanes work. The term "Storm of the Century" is relative. I do not live in a low lying area.

I'm not against being prepared so I've ordered food and water to be delivered tomorrow. I'm going to get some batteries for the old flashlights and probably buy a new one. I'm not planning to go anywhere during the worst of the storm. I'm watching the storm models to work out a dog walking schedule that helps us stay out of the worst of the mess. Most importantly I'm watching all of the shows on the DVR in case it is somehow damaged in the chaos.

I expect that it will be very wet and very windy. I expect that there will be flooding in some areas. I will not be surprised if we lose power. I do not feel unsafe.

Let me reiterate, I do not feel unsafe.

Even so, thank you to everyone who offered me a place to come with my animals to ride out the storm. You're solid gold. If you hear a knock on your door very early on Monday morning, don't be scared, it's just me.


  1. Last night we were sitting on the couch. Chris was on facebook and he says "OK, that's the third status I've seen about New York and a hurricane. What's going on?". I was all "Hello! crawl out of the box dude!".

    I say now is the time for a Hurricane Party!

  2. i've done nothing but watch netflix for a week so am woefully out of the loop too. caught about 5 minutes of news/weather yesterday. my hope is you just get some really great storms out of the deal, no one gets hurt or damages and it goes away.
    hunker down. settle in. tv/books/food/animals. all good.