Sunday, August 07, 2011


Not entirely sure if this will post properly but wanted to share this photographic update on Ed's vacation. M sent these today and I'm so grateful. Sure, it's silly but it's also fun to see the little goober and what he gets up to without me.

Not every dog gets a job in small business, even if that job is just close supervision of the business owner.


  1. While we were at the lake, Mr. Chili went home to spend a couple of hours at the office. On his way back, he stopped at Chez Chili to pick up some things we wanted, and he called me from the house. I listened to Toeses talking (yelling) at Daddy and really missed the fuzzy little pain in our butt. I totally get why you'd love getting photo updates of what your boy was doing while you were gone.

  2. I love Eddie so much.