Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Photo Challenge: HELLO FRIEND

Is it time for another photo challenge post already? This is what happens when one leaves town for nearly the entire challenge period. We have a new member this time around, too! It's getting to be a trend. Who will join next time? Anyone? Come on. You know you wanna.

You also know the drill: Click on the photog's name to see their Flickr stream (do it!). Check out our pool to see the offerings that we didn't have room for here. Comment, comment, comment, it's good for a shutterbug's soul. Scroll down for the next prompt!

I see a new Pixar movie in the making using this snap by fondofsnape as inspiration.

herm007 has cultivated some serious brotherly love in her boys. At the time of this shot they'd been separated for nearly a month.

Lack of appropriate sandwich fixin's is but one of the many hardships facing New England girl, lshykula, now that she lives in the Rockies.

New Member Alert!: erika4bz is raising a serious ham, here. I have giggled every time I've looked at this picture. I am powerless in the face of his full commitment to the cheesy.

What are the odds that we'd have two beautifully similarly themed photos in this challenge? What's even cooler is that Auntiechili2 lives only about an hour from fondofsnape. I kind of want to make a diptych of them but I think I need some form of photoshop for that.

Here's my friend, Elephant Soap, pointing out just how friendly you have to be with your fellow enlisted folk if you plan to live on an aircraft carrier. Pretty freaking cozy.

Recently the aforementioned Elephant Soap and I spent some time in San Diego. While we were there we rubbed elbows with this beauty, and friend to 117 Hudson, Sueb0b. Also her fancy red stapler.

For our next round please ruminate on the concept of RETURN. So many of us are returning from vacation or are returning to school and work or, as in my case, have overshopped a little and are wishing we could return some things. Do with it as you will. Go as far outside that box as you like. Then RETURN to the Flickr Pool to submit your shots.

Please enter your photos by 9am on Tuesday August 30 for posting on Wednesday August 31. Please tag them with PhotoChallenge and RETURN. Any questions can be directed to me here in the comments or using isabeau6 at hotmail dot com.



  1. I hope you are going to write about being on the aircraft carrier! I was stationed on the USS George Washington for 5 years-after that long, you lose sense of how dramatic carriers really are. I would love to hear about your experience!!

  2. I don't know if I will. If you want me to I can I guess. You should head over to my Flickr and to Cindy's to see the rest of our photos. Not because you need to see what an aircraft carrier looks like, obviously, but because the titles and comments might be fun for you to see. Very big things and very small spaces and drowning all scare me so my reactions were varied. But I had fun!

  3. Does Auntiechili2 have a blog? I love sunflowers, in fact, I bought one today for a coworker's birthday ... along with a Zen cake LOL!

  4. She does! It's but she's kind of been neglecting it. I wouldn't be sad if you gave her a hard time about that.

  5. Kind of been neglecting it is a bit of an understatement. I have lost all interest in blogging since I have been doing so much writing for school.

    Pretty cool that fondofsnape and I live so close! Small world.

  6. Nice pictures for "friends"