Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Photo Challenge: RETURN

Another couple of weeks gone by, another couple of natural disasters survived. Whew!

The following shots are the results from the RETURN photo challenge. Please comment, please click through, please show our photographers some love. Scroll down to see the new prompt and join in our next challenge!

Fondofsnape has a whole huge collection of posed photos with different pop culture character. I do not understand them at all but I am riveted by them. Apparently Captain Jack is trying to buy the favors of The Joker's roller girlfriend. I'm having trouble believing that Captain Jack has to pay for that sort of thing.

I was fortunate to accompany Elephant Soap on her return trip to the USS Midway Museum. I was not so fortunate to be spooked by pretty near every one of these creepy mannequins set up around the ship. I was extremely grateful that this one was at least behind glass.

Last week I celebrated one year of Eddie/my return to dog personship. Seems like longer. And shorter.

Once a year lshykula makes a pilgrimage to our homeland. I love this shot from this year's trip.

Given the aforementioned natural disasters I feel it's appropriate that the next prompt be RELIEF. You don't have to make your submission storm related and you can use any definition of relief that you like. Be creative. We love creative. Also we apparently love gratuitous use of the plural pronoun.

Please add your RELIEF photos to our Flickr pool by 9am Tuesday September 13 for posting on Wednesday September 14. I can't wait to see what you come up with!


  1. damn missed it again, just thought yesterday I better check the deadline but then got distracted! relief it is, and love this set of shots. especially lshykula's. lovely.

  2. Anonymous1:34 AM

    Oh my gosh, I haven't been here in ages but your photo challenge looks awfully fun! If I remember, I will try to submit something. Take care!

  3. lol I'm so glad you do this, I love looking at people's interpretations! For the next one, I already submitted two perfect pics for relief...can you look in the pool, back aways?