Friday, September 30, 2011


Sometimes I think I'm so very cool. It's usually right before I realize how very uncool I am. Today I think my heart has whiplash from the changes.

Here we are at the outset of the weekend. How cool are you?


  1. I felt pretty cool on Tuesday.
    Then on Wednesday I saw my butt in the mirror.
    Thursday I had multiple hot flashes while working so all I could think about was if my clients thought I was stinky, and how much I wanted to be cool.
    I had a moment of feeling cool on Friday when I got my new books from Amazon but then that snotty girl that I was serving at the wedding kept telling me that "IN CALIFORNIA THEY ALWAYS SERVE VODKA AND MONSTER NOT VODKA AND (EYEROLL) REDBULL"
    then I realized that I wanted to punch her in the hmm-mmm and I almost lost my cool.
    so I dunno.
    too much math for me to figure out.
    I always thing you're cool though.

  2. One time I was on the Vespa and this really amazing BMW motorcycle pulled up next to me. I mean it was the prettiest bike I'd ever seen. The guy on it said to me " you're gonna get sunburned". I turned and said "I know it" all sassy. But then confessed to the sunscreen in my seat. I thought I handled myself very well considering my first impulse was to jump off the V and start licking the BMW.

    I'm not sure what being "cool" really means.

  3. Well, if you say you're cool, you aren't.

  4. I'm pretty cool. And I'm cool enough to say so.

  5. Miflohny1:29 PM

    I'm so NOT cool, but thanks for the great pic! How long do you think it'll be before Little Seal realizes I'm not cool?