Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Photo Challenge: DISCOVER

Sometimes you mess up and everyone rallies to fix it. I just haven't been up to par this month and for the last two weeks I've forgotten to remind everyone about the photo challenge. Yesterday, after the deadline, I realized that only fondofsnape had entered. Even I hadn't entered! I sent out a message and BAM! entries poured in. We have six photographers represented this week, one of them a new member to the group. Yay for fresh blood!

Which is all to say that today, more than ever, please show these folks some comment love both here and in their photostreams. You can get to the streams by clicking on their name in the caption. Down at the bottom I'll have a new prompt which I'll remind you about this time around. Promise.

For every prompt fondofsnape remembers she has a photo to fit and knows where to find it. I am in awe of her memory. I also love the way she records letters and documents. Look how perfectly this card is framed by the world behind it.

San Francisco has a lot of murals. My friend, Matt, took me to see a few he'd discovered in an alley in the Mission. I am always a sucker for the dog.

Chrome just landed a gig as the location scout for the next Lara Croft movie. OK she didn't. But if she had they'd be filming in PA 'cause that's where she discovered this little slab of awesome.

Feistycakes and I (lshykula, too) grew up near the shore in a small New England state. One of the really cold ones. There's something about the beach and the horror in this shot that feels like home.

If I were lshykula I would take pictures of this kid all the time. I can hear him laughing in this one. Completely infectious.

At Blogher this year Elephant Soap and I went to a session run by food photographer, Penny de los Santos. Penny talked to us about the importance of light and patience. When I saw this photo I thought, "Oh, Penny would feel heard."

We can't ignore it anymore. It's autumn. For real. The next prompt will have to be FALL. You can take that any way you like.

Please post your pics in our Flickr Pool by 9am on Tuesday October 11th  for posting on Wednesday October 12th. If you have a chance please tag them with PhotoChallenge and FALL. Any questions you can contact me on Twitter where I'm @Kizzbeth, by email at isabeau6 at hotmail dot com or in the comments here. (Note to Janet: I got your message about the typo in the last challenge. Thank you! Please see above about not being myself. )

Thanks again for playing my reindeer games.

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  1. I wrote a comment about poking the shark with a stick, but the computer ate it. The point (ha) is, the beach is the perfect place to discover things.