Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 Of These Things Not The Other

I could make my list out of stupid racist shit people have said to me but it's making me insanely angry just to think about it. I have to see these people regularly so hauling off and smacking them isn't an option. What's maddening is that when I deflect and point out the racism in a kind, subtle way they can't even hear me, they just tell me something else about a different race. 'Cause apparently if I'm not into the stereotyping of one race it's just because they haven't found the race that I know the truth about...or something equally boneheaded.

OK, so that's not an acceptable list. I don't want to perpetuate that. How about Things I Have Accomplished This Week:

1. Worked out the design of the spandex trunks my dog will wear. They're terrible but they'll basically work.

2. Learned the lyrics to a new, for me, song.

3. Called the accompanist. He wasn't there. I left a message. Need to call back.

4. Decided what to wear to the costume party I'm going to on Halloween. Sadly need to borrow one item. Then I realized I don't need to borrow one item because I own several million yards of tulle and a tiara and the item was a widow's veil.

5. Politely but firmly shut down a Facebook friend who posted ignorant, conservative hatred on my wall.

6. Cooked a new item in my crockpot (with much aid from Misti). It's sweet potato, turkey, black bean chili. It is good. It is not great. I can work on it. I am going to be officially sick of it by Thursday, though, at which point it will have served for 5 meals.

7. Reorganized a bunch of stuff on Flickr that I was behind on. It's still not perfect (have I tagged any photos, like, ever) but it's much better than it was.

8. Processed a bunch of photos. I have one event left to do and then I'll be basically caught up which is truly important because on Saturday is the Pupkin and so many photos will be taken. Though I noticed I only put up 54 last year. I want to increase those numbers this year.  I think it'll be easier with another year of training and calmness under Ed's belt.

9. I learned how to use the Brooklyn Public Library's online hold system. I still do not trust a library where a real, live, trained librarian basically told me to quit talking to human beings because that's where things get fucked up but I did it anyway.

10. I decided, with the help of Sara, that I am going to do NaBloPoMo this year. Eden Kennedy has transferred ownership of the event to Blogher and she herself has said she's sick of it so I thought I might give it a pass. Turns out I enjoy it and am going to try it again. It may be challenging since I'll have company for almost a week around Thanksgiving but the advent of mobile technology should make it a breeze if I keep my eye on the ball.  Apparently also going to keep my metaphors mixed. Variety is the spice...etc. etc. and so forth.

What have you crossed off your to do list this week?

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