Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10 Pictures of Protest

I went to visit the Occupy Wall Street site near, well, Wall Street on Friday.

I felt a little funny about it. Since the desires of the protesters are so disparate I wasn't sure if I agreed with the group, though I definitely support their right to protest. Would I just be a tourist? Was that all right? After we'd been there a bit there was a group call and response that made it clear that the assemblage wants people to visit, to talk, to look, and to go back into the world and tell as many people as they can reach about it.

This is part of my telling. I took many more than the 10 photos featured here. It was hard to choose these but they're ones I feel strongly about. I hope you'll click through to the set and see the rest.

I think one of the valuable things the protest is bringing to this election cycle is conversation. I find that it makes me talk more in positive terms. I don't mean, "Oh this is going so well," I mean, "I want this" as opposed to, "I don't want this."

That being said, I don't feel confident that this protest in particular or this type of protest in general will change the things it hopes to change. I do, however, have hope that lighting a fire under the discussion as they are will have a positive effect.

The reason you're getting 10 photos and not 10 bulleted points, though, is that I still really don't know what to think about this presidential election cycle. Giving you 10 sights that moved me is the best I can do.

Thanks for looking.


  1. i didn't want to put this in a Flickr comment, but avoid going to or near any bank on November 5. it's similarly related to Anonymous, the mask, and the movie...and Guy Fawkes Night.

  2. I live in a huge city. It's pretty much impossible for me to avoid major banks, even walking my dog in the neighborhood. I haven't heard anything about Bank Transfer Day being violent but I suspect there will be "trespassing" arrests, which is total BS. We'll see...

  3. What's going on in that first picture?

  4. If you click through to the Flickr set there's a whole bunch more of the two women involved and I laid out as much as I know. Fair warning, though, what I know isn't much. The older lady was a Buffalo Soldier in WWII. The younger lady, a photographer, was having a conversation with her and when I came back around this was going on. It was important. It was intimate. I don't really know what it was.

  5. understood...just please, be careful.