Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween in New York

I love my city. I know that's abundantly clear. Sometimes that love expands and gets to big it squirts out all over. Halloween is often one of those times.

This morning I did an errand on the Upper East Side. All along 78th Street the fanciest  homes are decked out in the most expensive yet sometimes most ridiculous decorations. They've got multiple fake skeletons, oceans of asbestos-laden spider webs, caution tape by the mile. There are simpler touches, too, like a mailbox with a hand coming out of it and a squawking raven. One house had Martha Stewart-approved twig wreaths on each of their ornate doors. Artfully draped across the center of each wreath was a long, white glove with tastefully bloodied fingertips. I laughed out loud.

Later I got on the bus with a young princess. A few blocks along she descended in the arms of her (uncostumed) footman/dad while she clutched an unstuffed dog and sang at top volume, "TrickOrTreatTrickOrTreatTrickOrTreat" until she was out of sight. There was a man on the bus who, by virtue of his hat, looked like the retirement village version of Jughead from the Archie comics. He wasn't in costume, though. A few stops along, the back door opened and a gladiator went striding by. Helmet, boots, light cloak, short kilt. Nothing else. He and his carefully waxed and tanned chest must have been very cold but he wasn't going to ruin the costume for the sake of a little weather. I have no idea where he was keeping his metrocard. Let's say his boot. Yes, it was in his boot.

I love this town.

Draped across a chair in my living room are a couple of yards of leftover Mermaid Parade tulle. Under that is my 40th Birthday tiara and a collection of somber clothing. I'm headed to a spider-themed dinner party this evening and decided that Black Widow was the way to go. My favorite part is the flowing, makeshift veil. I'm debating whether to torture the dog some more by making him wear one, too. We'll walk our Brooklyn neighborhood's festivities with our dinner companions and get a good laugh out of the evening. I don't generally dress up unless I'm working so this is an unexpected hoot.

What about you? Will you be transforming into someone else for the evening? Go on. You know you'll have fun.

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  1. I'm hoping for my first trick-or-treaters. This time next year, we will own this house. I have big plans.