Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photo Challenge: HOOTENANNY

Apparently this HOOTENANNY prompt was a little tough for people. I think it was partly the prompt and partly a misunderstanding. While I know a lot of people like to take a new picture each fortnight and have that be their entry please know that there are no restrictions on when your entry was taken. If you're just not finding any hootenanny-ness, if you will, in your life it's ok to dig into the archives. There really aren't many (any) rules here. I thought that went without saying but, what the hell, I'll say it, too.

Anyway, here are the results and there are many more entries in the pool so please click those. As always, comment love for the photographers is social gold, people.

That is one exclusive party lshykula captured. I wonder if this guy is the incumbent.

When fondofsnape first put up a series of this band I didn't understand why she kept using the phrase "Enter The Haggis". There was no food in the shots, where was the stuffed sheep's stomach? That's the name of the band.

Interesting that only one of us focused on the refreshments at the hootenanny. Elephant Soap and I agree that, though the whole candied apples make a better photo op, we prefer to eat them when they're cut up.

This is from the swanky bowling birthday party I went to earlier this month. I yearn to take high quality candid portraits of people. I don't know that my tech is perfect for this one but I love that I captured this expression right before the birthday girl blew out her candles.

We're spanning Halloween and All Soul's Day and even Guy Fawkes Night this next time so the prompt is obvious. FRIGHT. Any way you want to interpret it we want to see it!

Please add your FRIGHT photos to the Flickr Pool by 9am on Tuesday November 8th for posting on Wednesday November 9th. If you are so inclined tag them with PhotoChallenge and FRIGHT. Any questions hit me here in the comments, on Twitter (@Kizzbeth), or via email (isabeau6 at hotmail dot com). Have fun!

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  1. Last night in Zumba, we danced to Thriller. Now there was a Hootenanny photo opportunity. I love all of the pictures.