Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Photo Challenge: FRIGHT

I kicked this week off by busting balls about Michael Vick. Since that time the college football child sex abuse information has been rolling over the internet like a trail of lava, making me feel hot, burning anger every moment I think of it. I know I will spend at least as much energy on these fuckers as on the dog killing bastard playing in the NFL. I want to lead with something positive, though, so please scroll down for next week's relevant prompt.

In the mean time please check out how freaking awesome all out photogs are in this FRIGHT challenge. We've had far more entries than I'm able to include here so click clickety click through to the pool, please, and show your love with your copious commenting!

TRIGGER WARNING: There is a tough shot in here for the arachnophobic.

How could I not kick off a FRIGHT prompt with this gem from herm007. Bethany, is this F and was it the beginning of a tradition of static-headed shots of him?

As I wrote this caption I realized that he's not alone. Lshykula, was there an army of them and were they watching over a corn maze? (How tempting is it to call it a maize maze?)

Elephant Soap contributed another photo that I actually found so frightening I couldn't bring myself to choose it. Does anyone else ever get bitten in the ass with their bright ideas like that?

This, from Smalltown Mom, was the first entry and remained so for a couple of days. It never lost its fear factor, no matter how many times I clicked through and saw it. It looks like it's about as big as an adult hand, is that accurate?

There are few things that induce more terror than my employing my home making skills. In this shot my over-40 eyes are desperately trying to thread a teensy-eyed needle so I can hand sew basically a pair of Chinese split pants for my dog. Laugh, cry, or run away screaming?

Fondofsnape's shot gives me the willies from two different fronts. On the one hand it's all jagged and scary looking. On the other hand I can't stop picturing what made it like that. Janet, where did you find this? Or did you make it?

So, the next challenge will end just before Thanksgiving here in the US, right around the time we're all cooking or traveling or making merry. (Spoiler Alert: Next challenge might be centered around food.) In preparation for that we're all, I think, assessing our blessings and trying to express our gratitude. (Unless you live in another country in which case it will be just another week and that's cool, too.) Given all this in conjunction with the infuriating news about 15 boys in PA (to date) I considered a few prompts for the challenge and, rather than narrow it down to one, I'll give you the list to choose from and we'll officially call the challenge PICK ONE. Even though, you know me, you don't have to pick one, you can pick 3 or 7 or none or make up one of your own. Here are my suggestions:


Please submit your shots to our Flickr Pool tagged with PhotoChallenge, PICK ONE, and whatever prompt you chose (or made up). Loose, soft, flowing deadline is 9am on Tuesday November 22nd for posting on Wednesday November 23rd. Any questions hit me here in the comments, on Twitter (@Kizzbeth), or via email (isabeau6 at hotmail dot com).

As always thank you for being part of this!


  1. wow wow wow!!! What great shots! The army of the pumpkin headed strawmen creeped me out even more than the spider and that's saying something!!!

    I saw that pumpkin in the woods that run behind my condo...I'm sure the squirrels have had their way with it. Last night, there was another one on the rocks just before and behind this one...didn't have my camera with me! I think it's a cemetary where Halloween pumpkins go to...

  2. Spidey was a biggun, but not that big. Maybe a couple inches including the legs.

    Great photos, everyone!

  3. lshykula4:01 PM

    There were several of those jack o'lantern-headed giants emerging from the cornfield. It wasn't where the maize maze was - that way they could lure people into the maze and then sneak in after them. Or at least that's my theory. Glad I didn't visit it at night!

  4. that maze shot is great lshykula! creeped me right out.
    and yes Kizz, that's F and it was the beginning of the tradition, and it's part of a flickr set just for that purpose. also love that Eddie's watching patiently in the bg of your shot!