Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Qualifying Statement

If you work in a high rise in New York City you have to attend a very short fire safety drill/lecture every six months. Today was that day. They are never done by the same guy twice. I find this...disconcerting.

Today's guy, very nice but slightly dour gave us this gem while discussing instances where the use of a fire extinguisher by a civilian is recommended:

"If a co-worker is trapped...and you would like to help them."


  1. oh good! so you get a choice!

  2. see, it completely depends on who the trapped co-worker is right?

  3. Miflohny1:39 PM

    We always have the same guy doing the drill review. But one of our drills was rescheduled because the normal staff person who does the anouncement telling everyone to do the drill wasn't in and no one else could handle it - THAT'S disconcerting! Apparently, if there's an emergency, we won't hear any instructions unless a particular staff person is present, because no one else is trained!