Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Quick Hit: More Funny

The Society for Clinton Hill posted a big photo album from the Pupkin. Things we have learned from this photo set:

1. My neighborhood is awesome.
2. My neighbors are super creative and funny.
3. I really need a more flattering winter hat. (Suggestions welcome.)


  1. I just got one of those fun hunter hats in brown plaid with fake fur trim flaps that hang over my ears. I kind of love it. So much that when I was shopping for a coat last week I got the red one instead of the grey one so that it wouldn't clash with my hat.

  2. Ooh, hat = knitting!

  3. I think I want an ear flap hat but probably not in plaid. Also it would probably not equate to "more flattering hat" on me but WARM HAT I'm all for.