Friday, November 04, 2011

Throwing Bones

Bits and pieces from around that you might be interested in.

1. We have to turn back the clocks on Saturday night in order to get that blissful extra hour of sleep. I can't really get that because I have a dog with an 8 hour bladder but I can get some productivity. So would you please remind me to turn the clock back and take advantage.

2. I cannot decide what my feelings are about this salad.

3. I saved this link especially for Steph because she holds a deep and abiding love for Bea Arthur.

4. This photograph of people using the London Tube system as a bomb shelter just fascinates me.

5. I will be watching the NYC Marathon as I always do. This year I've got a lot of people to look out for. Dooce is running. My friend Paul Sparks is running. My friend Meg is running and her sister will be spectating with us at mile 9 and then we'll send her to the finish line to pick up her freshly cooked marathoner. Brokelyn did a nice roundup of places to watch the marathon in Brooklyn.

6. Did you know that November is National Adoption Month? I like that it coincides with Thanksgiving. Thanks to Laura at Adventures in Juggling for pointing it out!

What have you seen in the internet?


  1. this makes me laugh...mostly because dubstep is my least favorite kind of electronic/dance music. it's gawdawful.

    this is fascinating. i love how varied plant families can be...especially when you figure just how many things we eat that happen to be in the same family as Belladonna.

    i think you'd find this interesting.

  2. That salad... I am against it... You are not surprised.

    As far 'Net finds, I am abashed that despite being almost entirely post-shopping, I experienced an authentic craving for this
    desirable object - I think it deserves a reading nook all its own.