Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Who Cares What Day It Is?

I have had the weirdest dreams the last two mornings. Let me treat you to a sampling of the events (10 things, even though it's not Tuesday, 'cause I'm a rebel) contained within my funhouse brain.

1. I was the photographer at a wedding in a ramshackle house in the middle of nowhere. I don't think I knew the bride and groom.

2. I was trying to seduce the first boy I ever fell in love with (5th grade). Didn't sleep long enough to find out if I was successful.

3. I had only brought one lens to the wedding and kept calling someone (my father?) to bring me the other lens from my hotel room but for some reason my phone calls were never completed.

4. Something about a dress that kept tangling around my ankles so I kept walking in circles on the gravel driveway. It was white with flowers and a ruffle around the bottom so perhaps 7-year-old me was the one taking the pictures.

5. It's possible I wasn't hired to be the photographer but there I was. Sort of like an actor's nightmare situation where someone didn't show up and I was there so I said, sure.

6. I couldn't find my dog. I can never find my dog in dreams. This is not a mysterious sign. It's also not about Eddie.

7. I can't remember the situation for Monday night's dream where the first love showed up. I remember it was important, like TV murder mystery kind of important, but I can't get the details. It's really frustrating.

8. Yesterday I did my normal thing and woke up about 45 minutes before the alarm because I had to pee. This morning I slept right through to the alarm which almost never happens. Pretty sure even my DNA is afraid of oversleeping.

9. I couldn't get any of the members of the wedding party to gather and let me take the shots I wanted to take. Every time I got them set up I had to change a setting on my camera and before I could they'd have moved. I imagine this is not unlike reality. I hope one day to find out for sure, though.

10. I still remember a dream I had when we were camping when I was three or four. It involved three gorillas that were taller than the evergreen trees at the place where were were camped. It still scares me to think about but it also proves that I've always been afraid of big things.


  1. I used to have missing dog dreams. In my 30s they morphed into "missing infant" dreams. That was when I figured out I wanted a child.

  2. Yeeeeah, I never have or had missing kid dreams. I get lost a lot but never a kid. I'll very rarely have a "Holy shit, why am I in charge of this baby?" dream but they don't bother me. Mostly I just keep toting the baby along through whatever freakishness the dream is offering and talking to people over the screaming.

  3. Last night I dreamed that the cast of Glee were auditioning for Greece except I couldn't recognize any character names. They spelled Rizzo weird. Also Rachel didn't get picked to be Sandy because she's not blond.

    Apparently I'm 15 when I sleep.

  4. Grease, not Greece.