Saturday, November 05, 2011


I was going to tell you about something I'm doing that might be very wrong but as I was booting up the new post screen I saw an ad. It appears that NBC is bringing Fear Factor back. Nothing I do can possibly be as wrong as that, can it?

You be the judge.

Misti sent me a recipe for a healthy vegetarian lasagna done in the slow cooker. It looked interesting and certainly exactly what I was looking for except the bulk of it was made up of mushrooms and eggplant both of which I hate. I consulted with my expert (still Misti) and we decided that carrots would substitute well. Would sweet potatoes be a crazy idea? She thought it wouldn't. So I've got spinach, yam, and carrot lasagna in my pot of crocking. This could be awesome or evil. We shall soon find out.

P.S. If anyone can tell me why my iPad autocorrects in to I'n I would really love to know.


  1. i got fresh eggplant from the garden at the Frontier. Tonight I'm roasting it after an egg wash and dipped in panko, parmesan and herbs de provence. I had no idea what herbs de provence was other than you use it, so I bought a little cup for a buck! I have no idea if I like eggplant or not. But it sure was a pretty purple.
    I'm CONVINCED that this lasagne is going to be stupidgood.I got the stuff to make it next week. But first, I'ma do a crockpot meatloaf!
    Huzzuah for an iPad. Even if it has a misguided autocorrect.

  2. I've had strange autocorrects but not that one.

  3. It's done. Seems actually to have leeched all the taste out of the sweet potatoes Other than that very good. It's cooling now. Have NO IDEA how I'm going to transfer it from crock pot to tupperware. Might put the whole crock pot in the fridge until tomorrow.

  4. do that. I do that all the time. the eggplant was ok. it was mostly panko crunch...i wonder if I was supposed to peel it. meh. yeah, let everything cool then you can transfer.

  5. sounds yum. and i've always put carrots in my lasagne, love it that way!